雅思范文编号08421 : 钱与幸福

IELTS Essay Topic:

>Some people think that personal happiness is directly related to economic success, while others believe that this depends on other factors.  Discuss both sides and give your opinion.  Use specific reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples and details from your own knowledge or experience.


>>1.There is more to happiness than simply being rich since money is not all that happiness is made of.  


>>2. Just because economic success is directly related to personal happiness, it does not follow that wealth is the only worthy goal in the pursuit of happiness. 


>>3. Much of material happiness may originate from having a great amount of money, but much of spiritual happiness may not cost anything.




>>4. Economic success matters to material happiness, on the one hand. 


>>5. Being wealthy can greatly contribute to the state of being happy due to the fact that there are few things in the world money cannot buy. 


>>6. More often than not, happy are those who can afford to purchase many good things in life, such as food, clothing, housing, cars, education, pleasure, health care, etc.--you name it. 


>>7. There is no denying that possessing a good fortune can certainly make a big difference in life, thus the lack of economic success is not something to be proud of at heart. 


>>8.At this point, it is not so much that comfort and luxury are essential to happiness as that life might otherwise become miserable without having at least the means to make ends meet, particularly when you have a family to take care of. 


>>9. Ironically, if you think that richness does not make you happy, try poverty!



>>10. On the other hand, economic success alone does not guarantee spiritual happiness. 


>>11. There are other factors in life that are also keys to being happy.  


>>12. Contrary to the common belief, a happy life may be as simple as having something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.  


>>13. In analysis, whereas it is good to own numerous things that money can buy; it is good, too, to check up once in a while and make sure that countless things that money cannot buy have not been lost.  


>>14. Outstanding among such things of spiritual value are affection, friendship, conscience, passion, compassion, and dreams.  


>>15. After all, happiness being a state of mind, you would feel happy if you could make your mind to be happy, and at the same time not to overlook that kind of happiness which is not directly associated with material wealth. 



>>16. In sum, personal happiness may to varying degrees depend on emotional satisfaction as well as on economic success. 


>>17. When people look at their lives, success means having what they like, but happiness also means liking what they have.  


>>18. The truth is that, in the pursuit of happiness, poverty often fails, but so does richness sometimes. 




>>考古题参考:08143 IELTS Writing (Task 2) Topic:


>>>Happiness is considered important to people.  Why are the definitions of happiness different?  What are the factors in achieving happiness?



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