By Jeenn Lee Hsieh 


>In some countries people are strongly influenced by fashion, such as clothing and hairstyle.  What in your opinion attracts people to fashion? Is this a positive or negative development?



>Being a popular expression of social and economic realities, fashion represents in part the world in progress and influences people more on the positive side than otherwise.  It is in plain sight that what attracts people to fashion is as much a social vanity to look good as a necessity to catch up with the economic mainstream.  The development of fashion is closely associated with social freedom and economic well-being.


>The inclination to keep steps with the in-coming fashion is human nature and must be considered as a social right.  Society, as changing, looks for the newest, and if economically possible, the best.  Thus, people are free to want the latest in clothing and the greatest in hairstyle.  Indeed, when one looks at fashion, it catches the eyes that fashion advances as do all things--ideas, culture, technology, working conditions, among others.  In fact, fashion reflects a society in evolution, of course with paces quicker today than in the past.  So fast indeed that, more often than not, what looks fashionable now is likely to be soon out of date, if not completely out of style.


>Fashion can be bought, and for that nobody is to blame.  It thrives on economic surplus more than any other thing.  That is probably why before the Industrial Revolution trends did not change as much and as often as they do today.  Further, with the arrival of the Electronic Age, people tend to dress and adorn themselves from head to toe in tune with the changing economic outlook.  Small wonder that some younger people go as far as imitating celebrities like pop signers and Hollywood stars.  Addiction to fashion is, however, more true of better-off people, particularly women who seem intending to annoy other women.


>Accordingly, it is understandable that those who are more vulnerable to the influence of fashion are people in better social and economic conditions, as is the case of some countries whose changes are more sensitively felt.  As a rule, vanity in social freedom and prosperity in economic outlook join forces in allowing fashion to play its influential role.  Perhaps, a possible exception to the rule is a beggar who can wear anything in whatever color, entirely indifferent to what fashion has to say about this changing world, and fears none.




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